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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Hey all relink me at choc-pie.livejournal.com thanks

8:09 PM

Saturday, January 19, 2008

still cant decide i wan black or red adidas watch. decide to go there and try and see bout it. i think this week i really no need to eat alr. saving up my whole week pocket money for the watch and guess wat coolzone called me say my things had arrive i had to pay another sum of money. GOSH. really no need to eat alr. diet plan can start eh. hahas. ok la it has alr started 2 weeks ago. and yeah i mus stop gg onto blogshop and start ordering again. yeah. ordered too much stuff. rushing econs ppt now. i hope it will go well on wed for econs and thurs for excel (= may God bless me and give me the stength to go thru the presentation

how many times i told myself i wanna gib up. *Countless.
how many times i said i wanna forget. *Countless
how many times i tell myself not to eat and yet i cont. *Countless

all this is happening cus i m nt determined. i will try to be as determined as possible now. i cant be hanging there anymore. it wont do me good anw. i wont improve. instead i might fall even deeper and cant come out of it again. so yeah. i need God's help again. he is so impt cus he gib me strength and courage.

11:26 PM

Friday, January 18, 2008

awww... i m gg to buy the adidas watch with jy ym and ray. (= today sch was bored la can. seriously i skip acc and did my proj. but in the end still do until 5+ then go home. holidays come quickly i want you i need you :( lala. coffee prince turn. tml need mus do video argh. tired man.

9:52 PM

Thursday, January 17, 2008

nyp internet is kinda slow. decided to blog while at north canteen slacking before econs lec. ytd i had a heartbreaking session. my heart seriously broke at tht instant can. i was thinking i shld i face it and how shld i put on the smile. but well i manage to do it and act like ntn has happened b4. sch was usual boring. seriously. but i need to get over it man. 3yrs. 1 yr down. i need to study for my sem exams now le. if nt gg alr. i m tired seriously. how i wish we have tok in real life and you are my good fren now. i think i wont go thru so much heart breaking session and tireness doing so much stuff. anw i saw the wee teck tht shareen and gang disturb the other time. everytime see him feel like laf-ing cus he was so innocent and yet he kana mistaken as the guy tht i like. hahas. so pathetic. but he is nt bad la...


2:26 PM

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

i m tired and i dun like sch man. :(

8:33 PM

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

today i a good day (= went to sch in the afternoon jus for the survey. cus i wanna go home and master acc-ing. damn. went to see then from far see this guy like nt bad looking. then i see very long i realise it was him la. he cut his hair until so short can like boy boy. then said hi to him. so long since i did that or see him around in sch le. after the survey went home and saw him again. this time din say cus he waiting for lift so i jus walk pass but he sure see me de la. after tht home to chiong acc. and dinner dad bring us out to harbourfront to have yoshinoya. i had the kid's meal. my stomach today isnt feeling too well. :( like having ache suddenly. but is mild 1. sadded.

9:11 PM

Monday, January 14, 2008

ica 3 of stats is over. left with acc ica2 econs proj and excel and projs are done. then here come CNY and sem exams. i hope i can do well for this sem. my left leg is kinda sprain on my thigh. damn. today i only slept for 2hrs and 45mins. how pro can i be. i think due to the tea tht i drank ytd. i cant slp until 6am in the morning and i woke up at 8.45am to jog. damn. i m so high today la. after sch went to JE to meet hannah to get the shawl. then went home for my dou niu until now. waiting for er wen to load. so slow. i have to study acc real soon too. but i guess i might jus doze off somehow or rather. due to nt enuf slp. but i seriously need to do well for my acc this time round.

7:38 PM

Sunday, January 13, 2008

boring day has passed. tml is my stats ica3 God pls ensure tht i rmb my stuff and do well (= and sbm club recuitment is coming soon. after 1 yr of waiting the cca i wanna join since i step into nyp is finally recuiting ppl. if i failed to get recuited i will join _____. (fill in the blank).today i basically slack. i wanted to study stats but no motivation. so i slack and slept again. due to nt enuf slp cus my mum scream in the morning. but i manage to study in the night. tml gg to wake up early to study again. and plus my shows are out. (=

11:46 PM

Saturday, January 12, 2008

i love to slp (= i m freaking tired after slping for so loooonnnggg. today basically slacked until 10pm and started revising my stats. memo work again. lucky com and perm i learn in my amaths so the formula ncx px qn-x is memo into my head. jus tht the x is used to be r. food i still hate you. omg CNY is coming real soon. and i m gg to be yr 2 soon. so fast. im gg to miss my fren. how i wish i m 18 soon. so can do legal stuff. i hope tht i can chill with my frens and ka jiao wei until late in the night those stuff. so fun. i love it. i wanna ka with jy ronnie and jk (=

11:00 PM

ka-ing jiao wei is so fun. omg i miss the time i had talking crap with my PIC (partner in crime) jiayang. how we kill and shoot ppl. unknowingly. but is harmless de kill. hahas. now i got 2 new founded 1. ronnie and jk. guys are simply much better in relating in watever topic. that is why i prefer toking to guys. but also depends on whu and wat topic.

2:22 AM


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